This Software runs on CELL PHONES - It is NOT PC-Software (will NOT run on your PC)
See article on Cell Phone Privacy

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·         Is your husband/wife/lover cheating on you?

·         Is your son or daughter using drugs or keeping bad company?

·         Are your friends really your friends?

·         Who is gossiping behind your back?

·         Who is the one spreading or validating rumors?


·         Is your teenager, nanny, or babysitter where he / she is supposed to be?

·         How about your parent’s / grandparent’s care-giver?


·         How about your work colleagues and business partners?

·         Are they talking behind your back?

·         Are they scheming to get more than their fair share?


·         Have you ever wondered what someone close to you is talking about, or what the topic of their text messages is?

·         Would you like to be able to find out?

·         Now you can monitor the activities of your children, spouse, employees, or partner…. Or ANYONE for that matter!

·         Get peace of mind or validate your suspicions if you feel something “isn’t right”.

·         Be able to confront the liars, cheats, thieves, rumor-mongers, back-stabbers, schemers, etc.

·         Put an end to the troubles in your life by finding out who is behind them.

·         If you are in law-enforcement, wouldn’t it be nice to get the “drop” on your suspect without getting a wiretap warrant? [1]

article on Cell Phone Privacy


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[1] NOTE: The evidence you gather may be inadmissible in court in such a case.



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