Win Last-Minute Auctions on eBay
Consistently Win Auctions At The Last Minute Using Stealth Bidding


    This is the e-book version of my book "Win Last-Minute Auctions on eBay". The content is identical to the paperback version. The book explains in detail, with flowcharts and numerous illustrations, how to win auctions on eBay at the last-minute - even though there may be higher bidders. Completely legal, this simple bidding strategy exploits a little-known weakness that allows anyone to find the bargains and execute "Stealth Bidding" - a technique for beating other (human) bidders, and in some cases, even the eBay bid system itself.


    This very simple method shows anyone how to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY win specially selected auctions on eBay, and how to spot the ones to bid on. Shows you where to get FREE browser software that employs "tabbed windows" to do "stealth bidding" and takes full advantage of an auction's TIME LIMIT, and gets you the item you want at a price that is reasonable. You will recover many times the price of this book in the money you will save by "Stealth Bidding" and you will become the envy of your friends.


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