Kirlian (High-Voltage) Photography
TWENTY (20) Electronic Schematics for building

Kirlian Photography Equipment

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    It is almost impossible to find Kirlian Photography Equipment that can take SERIOUS photographs such as the ones shown below. If you want to experiment with Kirlian Photography, you must build your own equipment. Twenty five years ago, I had designed and built dozens of devices, and a friend who had a photography studio and I took hundreds of unique photographs on large sheets of Ektachrome™ and Kodachrome™ film, and made contact prints that sold for $1,000 each.


     Well, my friend Richard Quintana is gone now, and Tri-Parsec Electronics is no more. For those who wish to experiment with this fascinating field of photography, I am making available twenty (20) of my original schematic diagrams for equipment used to take photographs like those shown here.



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